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I had flirted with the idea. I had written a couple. But, then I would start to question my relevance. Why do I think what I think is so important? I don’t have the background. I don’t have the skills. I don’t have the depth of knowledge. I lack nuance. My grammar is horrible. Not to mention my punctuation. So, I retreated. However, just over a year ago today I walked up to Kyra, interrupted what she was doing and proclaimed “I have something to say. I am going to say it.” I walked away as quickly as I arrived. A week later I wrote my first blog post, compiled a list of twenty individuals and I sent the following email:

Hey Family and Friends. Hope you are well. I have been contemplating writing a blog for the past couple of years. However, I always found ways to sabotage my efforts. Now, I am pulling a Godin (Seth,that is) and just shipping it.  Not sure where this is going to go.  I am shooting for once a week. I am not exactly sure what am I going to write about.  Indeed, I was using that indecision to keep myself from moving forward. I will probably touch upon being a father, being a teacher, being part of a tribe of young people, microfinance, poverty, and do-gooders. Here is the link to (sort of) the first one:


I know the blog is published and accessible to anyone; however, I am only directly sharing it with those copied on this email. I truly appreciate any time you give to this process. Thanks. – shawn (dr H for my current students)

PS If it is all right I would like to share future posts with you via this email distribution list. I know that I have put you all in an awkward situation where your only escape is to delete my email.  I guess you could also just reply back and ask to be removed from the email list.

That is how it started. I am not sure where it is going to go. But, I wanted to wake up at 5 am in Honduras to share three of my favorite posts:

I also wanted to say “Thank You.” The process of building up the courage to write imperfect posts with family, friends, and former and current students has made me better. Thank you for being a part of this process.


Questions, comments or want to learn more? Just fill out the CONTACT form on my ABOUT page and I will get back with you right away. Thanks. – shawn

3 Responses to “I Have Something to Say

  • I’ve gone through the three of them, but truth be said – from my perspective it is hard for any blog that you wrote and that I read to surpass the depth invoked in A Dog and Her Boy. I would – expressing my enthusiasm a bit more – go even a step further, imagining that you conceive a story that over-arches the emotions, arriving at a more elaborate story with somewhat more depth to one or two more personas and voila! arrive at a narrative that could very well serve as the source for a short feature film, with your sweet dog as the lead actress. Really, this is the stuff that good short movies are made off. I say no more.

    • shumphre
      7 years ago

      A feature film…hmmm…I am in if you are in and we write in a co-lead for Charley!

  • My late mom and late Charley are keen in seeing this done, they told me last night in a dream. The only thing we gotta figure out now is where to find a producer 🙂

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