Halftime Speeches

There’s are a lot of creative people with big ideas for changing the world. Hell, we’re all creative. And, we can all change the world. But, there’s not a lot of people who do change the world. Most people wait for someone to say go. Not doers. We start from where we are. We work with what we’ve got. We never let our lack of money or expertise stall our start. And, we commit to the churn – the unending and unforgiving process of shipping our work, seeking feedback, and iterating our way to better. This is not an easy thing to do. There are times when we give into our fears. Needless to say, there are days when we all need encouragement, a gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) lightning bolt in the ass.

HALFTIME SPEECHES is a monthly email from me to you with an accompanying poem, quote, tool, or resource that helps doers like you take on your fears and boost your immunity against a consumerist culture that’s hell-bent on putting each and everyone of us into a comfort-induced coma of do-nothingness.

It’s free to join. There’s no spam. And, there’s no gimmicks.

If you decide to subscribe, here’s what you can expect:

  •  You will receive an email from my gmail account: professor[dot]humphrey[at]gmail.com
  • Emails will include text and links. Nothing fancy. I’m keeping it simple.
  • I will not share your email with anyone else. Period.

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Welcome to the churn. – shawn