Hi! I’m Shawn Humphrey. I’m a social entrepreneur with a knack for mobilizing grassroots movements on a tiny budget and a reformed do-gooder who moved from hero to sidekick. I’m also a teacher whose pedagogy is designed for liberation and a mentor who believes that each and everyone of us already have the pedigree to kick ass.

I’m a blue collar professor. For most of the year, you can expect to see dirt under my fingernails. One of my favorite smells is burning biomass. The Ohio River runs through my veins. And, no matter how far I travel, the hills of Kentucky are never too far away. I’m currently an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Mary Washington.

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  • IMAGINE U: A couple years ago, I was asked “If you could build a Social Innovation program without any constraints, what would you build?” IMAGINE U is my answer – a thought experiment that includes a curriculum, courses, pedagogy and more: http://imagineu.co/
  • Grassroot(s) Garage: A platform dedicated to democratizing and diversifying the change-making space by teaching budding and established social entrepreneurs (outside the traditional enclaves of power) workarounds, hacks, and the beauty of bootstrapping: http://grassrootgarage.org/

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