Halftime Speeches (Vol. 1 No. 1)

Here are five bolts of inspiration I’m sharing this month:

1. Neil Gaiman on failure:

  • “When you start off, you have to deal with the problems of failure. You need to be thick skinned, to learn that not every project will survive. A freelance life, a life in the arts, is sometimes like putting messages in bottles, on a desert island, and hoping that someone will find one of your bottles and open it and read it, and put something in a bottle that will wash its way back to you: appreciation, or a commission, or money, or love. And you have to accept that you may put out a hundred things for every bottle that winds up coming back.” – Neil Gaiman (from his Make Good Art commencement speech)

2. Alfonso Medina on critics:

  • “If they bark, it signifies we are advancing.” – Alfonso Medina

3. Seinabo Sey on self-possession:

There is a light to all this darkness if only we
Fight against them telling us how we should be
I refuse to have you break me
When you know you ain’t getting any

Younger, younger, younger
Are you?

Seinabo Sey (from Younger (Kygo Remix))

And, two from me:

1. On being a late bloomer:

  • “I learned how to make photosynthesis happen even when I am in someone else’s shadow.” – Late Bloomer

2. New project: How to Change the World: a checklist (and a free online course)

  • A freely available, do-it-yourself, social-good-project-building-blueprint that’s comprehensive, chronologically ordered and accompanied by free tools, resources, and how-to-guides. It’s also a free online course. Check it out.

That’s it. Have a great day. Now, go and start something! – shawn

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