Thirteen Hours of Sleep and a Shower

I got up at 9 am on Friday.  I have not slept that long since college, which was a rare occurrence then as well.  I took care of Dillon from then onto 1 pm, got back to campus around 2, fielded another interview, and watched the clock until it hit 4 pm – the end of the project.  I immediately walked – briskly – to the field house to take a shower – informing a number of people along the way what my intentions were.  I am not sure what the best part was: the hot water, the shave or putting on clean clothes.  It may have been the clothes.  Putting on clean, crisp, clothes that actually have a shape and are not greasy and smelly was very nice (Catherine informed on Thursday that my office was starting to stink).  I met some students for pizza at 5:30 pm and stepped back into my regular life.  I did not eat a lot.  I had a small salad, some Dr. Pepper and a couple of slices of pizza.  I was not sure whether my system was ready for a much larger indulgence.


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Thanks. – shawn

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