19 cents

I have $2.75 remaining after my trip to Giant and the Dollar General.  I purchased white bread, crunchy peanut butter, 2 bananas, 2 apples, a bag of black beans, and some duplex cookies (more about those in a later blog).  At Giant, there was this older gentleman (a retiree) checking out in front of me.  He had paid in cash and his change came to 19 cents.  He did not move.  Looking at his hand, he repeated “I only got 18 cents back” a couple of times.  The teller gave him a look of “you are not really going to make a fuss over one penny.”  But, he did and he did not move.  She dug into her pant’s pocket, pulled out a penny and handed it to him and he went on his way.  Like him I was counting pennies as well; but, unlike him I was choosing to do so.  There it was again that uncomfortable feeling I have come to associate with this project.     


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Thanks. – shawn

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