Owning that ‘Fro

We wage an epic struggle within ourselves each and every day. It is a struggle between our souls and the corporeal shells that contains them. Our bodies want to be fed, watered, and sheltered.They want to be warm when its cold. They want to be cooled when its hot. They want to be kept dry when it rains. They crave comfort. They crave security. They crave the physical contact of others. We cannot supply all of these things all the time on our own. We need the assistance of others. We need to be part of a group. So, we worry about what others think. We worry about being accepted. We desire to be accepted. The survival of our corporeal shells depends on the uninterrupted supply of these things. Fear that these things will be taken away has us taking actions that are not always in our best interest. Fear distracts us from our purpose.

What is our purpose?

I am not completely sure.

But, here is what I know.

I do know that I cannot find my purpose in the pursuit of comfort and material possessions.

I do know that I will realize my purpose when I liberate myself from the expectations of others, when I let loose my weird.

When I was a kid, I was bullied. I had a lot of curly hair. My mom teased that shit out in an afro. In turn, I was routinely (and, maybe rightfully) teased by neighborhood kids with taunts of “curly-head freak!”

My liberation lies in somehow someday owning that ‘fro.

And, my liberation cannot be accomplished alone.

I need the assistance of others. I need to be inspired, nudged, and pushed by others.

I need a Tribe.

For the longest time, the tagline that accompanied the blogs about my pedagogy was “Rewild Your Students.”

I need to amend it to “Rewild Your Students and Yourself

My students Rewilded me!

Until next time, find your tribe. Sharpen your swords. And, go kick some demon-ass!

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Thanks. – shawn