11 Promises of a Change-Making Animal

The fundamental objective of Rewilding is to transform students into change-making animals.

A teacher committed to rewilding their students accomplishes this by:

  1. Creating a classroom context that purposely animates  her students’ demons (self-doubt, insecurity, perfectionism…)
  2. Co-creating a group culture that is demon-proof.

Over the years, my students and I have developed a core set of values that guide our thoughts and actions.

They are 11 Promises.

We make them to ourselves and to each other. We internalize them.  They are our code, our ethic, and our ethos. They are what we take with us into the arena.  They are our helmet, our shield, and our spear. They are a gift that we give to each other.

Every teacher and their students will need to co-create a culture of their own.

Here is our’s.

11 Promises of a Change-Making Animal

You can download a pdf version of the 11 Promises here.

You can read the original post articulating the 11 Promises here.

Thanks to Maddie Rhondeau for the incredible graphic design work.


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