Each year a new cohort of students arrive in my classes. Many arrive to some degree paralyzed by perfectionism, tentative about taking the initiative, and unwilling to throw themselves and their work into the real world out of fear of failure. My job is to transform them into the leaders our complex, interdependent and rapidly changing world needs. My pedagogy is committed to transforming them into change-making animalsI call my pedagogy Rewilding.

This Graphic Novel captures its essence:

How does Rewilding work?

1. It starts with an Invitation:


2. Then You Build a Culture

11 Promises of a Change-Making Animal

3. Then you Rewild Your Students and Yourself by Taking These 7 Steps:


I practice Rewilding in all its magnificence in my Social Good Lab and How to Change the World classes.

Seriously, did you ever feel this way as a student?

“We create and develop our own knowledge. We are our own teacher; we rejected the traditional classroom structure and channeled this dynamic into our approach towards development. Our student-centered philosophy created our client-centered approach. All of our programs have reflected this value. It was a decision made by students, our thoughts and convictions are our own and we own them.”  – Santiago Sueiro (’13)


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