I am a blue collar professor. For most of the year, you can expect to see dirt under my fingernails. One of my favorite smells is burning biomass. The Ohio River runs through my veins. And, no matter how far I travel, the hills of Kentucky are never too far away.

The best compliment I have ever received was from a student who told me that I was “10 pounds of cool in a 5 pound bag.” One of my life goals is to do a one-arm pull up. And, my current theme song is “Skullclub” from The Glitch Mob.

I have a knack for mobilizing global grassroots movements on a tiny budget. My pedagogy was forged on the gridiron. And, three bullies and a bathroom determined the path of social justice I walk today. 

I am the founder of IMAGINE Social Good and the Two Dollar Challenge. I am the author of the Sidekick Manifesto. And, I am currently the Change-Maker in Residence at Virginia Commonwealth University’s da Vinci Center. 

There are three things I want you to walk away with after we collaborate: 

  • We teachers are in the liberation business.
  • In the story of poverty’s end, we can only be sidekicks.
  • No matter your starting point, you already have the pedigree to kick ass.

I am currently writing a book called Blue and another one on my pedagogy titled Rewild Your Students.

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