Here’s what I’m doing now (last updated May 12, 2021):


I’ve priotized the following project for the next three months:

  • Rewild School: Our public education system is designed for domestication, for an industrialized age. The future demands that we return to our earlier ways of educating one another, ways that can only be found in our deep past:


I’m am doing stream of consciousness writing every morning for an hour or so. And, when a story from the stream tells me that it needs to be told, I’ll invest emotionally and temporally into transforming it into a blog.


I am reading “The Carrying” by Ada Limon.

Other recent reads include:

  • “Ledger” by Jane Hirshfield
  • “Amateur” by Thomas Page McBee
  • “Gates of Fire” Steven Pressfield
  • “Centering in Pottery, Poetry and the Person” by Mary Caroline Richards (1962)
  • “The Art of Noticing” by Rob Walker

I love getting book suggestions? If you have one, please Contact me and send them my way. Thanks!

Physical Health

I’m working on doing a muscle up….still.

I say “No” to everything else, except…

Doodling, gardening, creating playlists on Spotify, and building my obstacle course (latest additions include atlatl and  axe throwing stations).

(This is a “Now” page – an idea started by Derek Sivers.)