After a summer of working to get lost (busting up concrete and pavement, digging holes, and planting gardens), the academic year called me back to work. Here’s what I am doing now (last updated October 15, 2018):


This past year, I closed down two major projects: La Ceiba (after ten years in operation) and Month of Microfinance (after seven years in operation). Both were emotionally painful processes. However, their conclusion opened up space for me to create something new: IMAGINE Social Good.


I am currently writing a personal myth called Blue and a book on my pedagogy titled Rewild.


I am reading everything I can get ahold of. Recent reads include:

  • “Brave New World” Aldous Huxley
  • “Rap on Race” James Baldwin and Margaret Mead
  • “A Pedagogy for Liberation” Shor and Freire

Got suggestions? Contact me and send them my way.

Physical Health

I am working on doing a hand-stand pushup.


I am making time to invest in relationships with family and friends.

I say “No” to everything else, except…

Doodling, gardening, creating playlists on Spotify, and building my obstacle course (latest additions include atlatl and  axe throwing stations).

(This is a “Now” page – an idea started by Derek Sivers.)