Douglass C. North Recommended Reading List

This list was created in the year 2000. I have not altered the order in which Doug listed them.  Enjoy!

Doug's Recommended Reading List

1. Putnam, R. “Making Democracy Work

2. Rosenberg, N. and Birdzell, L. “How the West Grew Rich

3. Coleman, J. “Foundations of Social Theory

4. Boyd and Richerson “Culture and the Evolutionary Process

5. Bates, R. “Beyond the March of the Market

6. De Soto, H. “The Other Path

7. Davis, R. (ed.) “The Origins of Modern Freedom in the West

8. Easterlin, R. “Growth Triumphant

9. Elster, J. “Making Sense of Marx

10. Hodgson, G. “Evolution and Economics

11. Mokyr, J. “The Lever of Riches

12. McNeil, W. H. “Plagues and People

13. Olson, M. “The Logic of Collective Action

14. Miller, G. “Managerial Dilemmas” (my other dissertation adviser)

15. Holland, J. et al. “Induction

16. Kauffman, S. “At Home in the Universe”

17. Hutchins, E. “Cognition in the Wild”