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Thanks for visiting. Here, you’ll find out more about me, my most-requested workshops and speaking topics, what you can expect, and how to book me.

As a serial founder of multiple platforms in the social good space and the current founder of  IMAGINE Social Good, I know what it is like to hire and work with consultants and speakers. I also know how words can move the human spirit when a speaker connects with an audience and delivers them passionately. I should. I co-captained my high-school and college football teams. I can give one hell of a halftime speech! I hope this page helps you learn more about me. If not, take a look at my blog. I don’t hold much back.

What you can expect

Hire me and here’s what you can expect:

  • I’ll reply promptly to your emails and telephone calls.
  • I’ll listen and make sure we are on the same page.
  • I’ll show up.
  • I’ll be on time.
  • No Diva Shit. Period. My people raised me right (except for the cussing).
  • I’ll use thought-provoking stories, activities and games to engage you and your audience in complex material.
  • I’ll stick around and find ways to collaborate with attendees.
  • I’ll follow up after the event for feedback.

Regular speaking topics and workshops

  • Doing Good Responsibly
  • Rewilding Students
  • Client-Centered Microfinance
  • Social Entrepreneurship

Frequently-requested talks & workshops

  • “A Better Change-Maker”
  • “Grassroot(s) Garage: How to Build Massive On-line Social Good Movements (for $50 or less)”
  • “Handshakes 101”
  • “Get Sh*t Done Diagnostic”
  • “Do-Goodernomics: A Merciless Market Analysis of Our Motivations to Do Good”
  • “The 4o Year Old Do-Gooder Adolescent”
  • “Sidekick Manifesto: In the Story of Poverty’s End, We can only be Sidekicks”
  • “Microfinance: Game of Loans”
  • “Rewild Your Students, Rewild Yourself”

What people are saying

“Shawn presented during the first-ever Kiva U Summit. He was rated among the highest of the 47 speakers at the event and was considered ‘inspiring,’ ‘innovative’ and ‘enlightening’ by Summit attendees.” – Jessica Hansen (KIVA)

Here’s another:

“Shawn was engaging, naturally weaving his personal entrepreneurial narrative into his professional pursuits, and provided some honest and keen insights into the challenges – and rewards – of being a social entrepreneur.” – Melissa Paulson (Notre Dame’s Irish Impact Social Entrepreneurship Conference)

And, if those don’t do it for you, this one will:

“Shawn is a double threat – he knows his topic area better than anyone and he is fun and engaging to listen to. He is always at the top of my list when I’m looking for someone to speak or lead a conversation.”  – Dan Morrison 

The Next Step

Thanks for considering me for your event. You can take the next step by checking my availability. Just fill out the CONTACT form on my ABOUT page and I will get back with you right away.